Spa Repairs

  • Non Warranty Repairs: We repair any make and model of spas. We work on any equipment and plumbing as well as in foam leaks.
  • Warranty Repairs: We are a factory authorized warranty repair center for Tiger River, Limelight, Cal Spas, Jacuzzi Spas, Free Flow, Master Spas, Hot Spring Spas and Sundance spas.

Spa Maintenance

We provide weekly and bi weekly spa maintenance in most of the south bay and orange county areas.

Spa Maintenance includes:

  • Testing the water
  • Balancing the PH, Alkalinity, and sanitizer levels
  • Adding chemicals to:  sanitize,  prevent stain and scale, clarify the water, improve filter performance, and to control foaming.
  • Vacuuming debris from the water
  • Cleaning filter elements when needed

Spa Cleaning

We offer complete spa draining and cleaning in all of L.A. and Orange County.

Spa Cleaning includes:

  • Draining water
  • Cleaning the spa shell
  • Waxing the spa shell (smooth surfaces only)
  • Cleaning all filter elements
  • Cleaning the spa cover inside and out
  • Apply cover conditioner

Spa Moves

We do spa moves from one location to another, we haul away and dump spas people don’t want, and we relocate spas in customer’s back yards.  We also do moves and haul away using cranes.

Spa Skirt Staining and Restoration

We use a wood cleaner to remove old stain and dark spots and then return to stain the skirt in the color of your choice.  We use transparent as well as full bodied stains.

We sell a full line of chemicals, filters, covers, coverlifts, and accessories.